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Churchill Living Library

On Wednesday, May 23, Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate and Vocational Institute will be hosting a living library for Grade 10 students from all Lakehead Public Schools secondary schools. During the day, the students will rotate through stations featuring 10 different speakers who are belong to groups who are often stereotyped and marginalized.

“Our hope is that hearing the stories of individuals will help our students to see past biases and stereotypes and make connections with people regardless of age, race, gender, sexual identity, social background or ability,” says Ryan McDonnell, Vice Principal of Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate and Vocational Institute. “Living Libraries offer a safe and brave space for honest conversations which challenge biases and breakdown stereotypes. It is a judgement free place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered.”

A community lunch will be provided and the day will culminate with keynote speaker Michelle Jordan, Executive Director of Shelter House in the gym.

Members of the following communities will share their stories:
• Senior
• Indigenous
• Mental Health
• Muslim
• Physical Disability
• Low income
• New Canadian
• Sikh