Things that Go Bump in the Night!

This is definitely not for the faint of heart! The normally busy academic hallways of Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate and Vocational Institute will transform into Haunted Hallways on Friday, October 28. Where students and staff usually conduct their daily business, witches, ghosts and other unspeakable demons will take over for a night of frights and chills!

The public is invited to attend by booking one of the limited spots by calling 621-1004. The fee for being scared witless during this hair raising experience is a cash or food donation to the RFDA.

“A lot of people have wondered what Churchill was before it became a high school,” says Sara Kanutski, Churchill student and member of the Haunted Hallways Organizing Committee. “As they say, careful for what you ask for as they will find out during this terrifying experience!”

Haunted Hallways