Everyone Matters

Everyone Matters!

Everyone matters at Lakehead Public Schools! On Everyone Matters Day, Wednesday, May 9, approximately 350 students observed this very special day and learned about bullying issues and anti-bullying initiatives at the Redwood Park Church.

“Everyone has the right to be who they are, without judgment, shame, attack or marginalization and that is what Everyone Matters Day is all about,” says Jeff Upton, Lakehead Public Schools Education Officer and Chair of the Thunder Bay Crime Prevention Council. “We are pleased to provide this very special learning opportunity for our students to help them further understand the issues around bullying and some of the unique initiatives that are occurring to address bullying.”

Following a welcome by representatives of the Thunder Bay Crime Prevention Council, Councilor Rebecca Johnson and George Saarinen, Vice Chair of the Lakehead District School Board, the students had the opportunity to participate in a number of anti-bullying related presentations including:

  • Elder Gerry Martin & Ashley Nurmela – Indigenous Matters
  • Student Testimonial sessions
  • The Issue of Cyberbullying – Jeff Upton and Lee-Ann Chevrette
  • Benjamin Murray – City of Thunder Bay Respect 2018 Award Winner
  • Drea & Friends – Music Matters
  • Joshua Hewitt and Amanda Walford – StandUp4CleanUp
  • Shine Your Light Video Contest