Gron Morgan Early Birds Getting the Worm

The early bird definitely got the worm at Ecole Gron Morgan Public School on Thursday, November 9. English and French Immersion Senior Kindergarten Students were visited by members of Ecosuperior as they learned about the ins and outs of setting up a vermicomposting program.

Vermicomposting is composting with worms. The use of worms speeds up the process of decomposition to produce a richer end product, and also allows the process to occur indoors, making it an ideal system for apartment-dwellers, offices, school staff and students.

“We were very excited to get the support of the experts at Ecosuperior as we work with our students to begin a vermicomposting program,” says Erin Aylward, Principal of Ecole Gron Morgan Public School. “This was a very important step as we work towards an Ontario EcoSchool designation.”

Ontario EcoSchools certification provides a rigorous province-wide set of criteria to assess achievement of environmentally-responsible actions and environmental learning. There are three levels of Ontario EcoSchools certification: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

To achieve Ontario EcoSchools Gold status, schools are required to achieve a minimum of 75% of the possible points in ALL of the six parts of the following categories of certification:

• Teamwork and Leadership
• Energy Conservation
• Waste Minimization
• School Ground Greening
• Curriculum
• Environmental Stewardship