Pow Wow

Honouring Culture

Vance Chapman Public School, in partnership with Biwaase’aa, will be hosting a teaching Pow Wow on Friday, January 12. This is the second Pow Wow with community partner Biwaase’aa.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to continue to learn about the significance of Pow Wows and to honour Indigenous culture,” says Anne Marie McMahon-Dupuis, Principal of Vance Chapman Public School. “We are very fortunate to work with our community partner Biwaase’aa on this special event and many other student focused initiatives.”

Pow Wows promote cultural pride, respect and health for young and old in an inclusive setting. Pow Wows serve an important role in many Indigenous peoples’ lives as a forum to visit family and friends, and to celebrate their cultural heritage, while also serving as a site for cross-cultural sharing with non-Indigenous attendees and participants. The teaching Pow Wow provides opportunities for participants to explain to students what is occurring and what the significance is to Indigenous culture.

Through Shkoday Abinojiiwak Obimiwedoon, Biwaase’aa offers culturally appropriate programs and services for Aboriginal youth. Programs provided include in-school student support such as mentorship, literacy and cultural teachings; After-school programs; and Lunch and snack programs.