Adventureman Returns!

Jamie McDonald, aka “Adventureman”, has come back to Thunder Bay! McDonald ran solo across Canada in 2013 dressed in a superhero costume to raise funds for children’s hospitals. He has returned to share stories from his book “Adventureman, Anyone Can Be a Superhero” with students in Grades 4 to 8. Jamie will show the students what it really means to be a superhero and how the super power of kindness is in us all.

“Jamie was amazed by the strangers in Canada who not only donated to the charities but who also fed him, housed him and accompanied him on his journey,” says Rebecca Cross, Teacher, Five Mile Public School. “Through his experiences, he will be showing students that anyone can be a superhero, they just need to do acts of kindness.”

Jamie McDonald spent the first nine years of his life in a children’s hospital with a rare spinal condition that could have prevented him from ever walking again. Twenty years later, Jamie ran across Canada through grueling weather conditions to raise money for children’s hospitals. All funds raised through the sale of the “Adventureman, Anyone Can Be a Superhero” books will be donated to children’s hospitals and to the Superhero Foundation so that they may continue their amazing work in helping sick children.

Adventureman Rally