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Kingsway Canoe Project

Kingsway Park Public School intermediate students will be working with Fort William Historical Park and Elders to build a birch bark canoe. The project is part of the Speak Up student voice initiative.

“Through the building of the canoe, the students will gain further understanding of First Nations innovations and technology,” says Darren Lentz, Principal of Kingsway Park Public School. This project will build relationships with local First Nations and elders to develop 21st century learning opportunities that will build on existing experiential learning opportunities.”

Through the building of the canoe, the students plan to visit Animki Wajiwi Thunder Mountain, Fort William Historical Park and the surrounding area to harvest the resources for the canoe. The Canoe Project will also further the reconciliation process the school began to work on last year.

Fort William Historical Park employees, and elders will be on hand for the ceremony and the beginning of the project.