McKellar Park Students Love to Read!!

Love is in the air! The students and staff of McKellar Park Central Public School are loved by the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation! And that feeling is mutual as the school is receiving almost $5,900.00 for the school’s library through Indigo’s Love of Reading initiative. On Monday, November 28, McKellar students will be visiting the local Chapter’s store to use some of the money to buy new classroom and library books.

“We are extremely appreciative of this funding that we have received through the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation,” says Eric Fredrickson, Principal of McKellar Park Central Public School. “Our community also deserves a great thanks for their support of this wonderful program. Our students are the true beneficiaries of their kindness and generosity.”

The Love of Reading campaign ran from September 18 to October 19. Indigo, Chapters and Coles customers were invited to support McKellar Park Central Public School’s literacy efforts through the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation Love of Reading program. Customers could also donate online through the Adopt a School section of the Indigo website.

Through the Love of Reading program all participating schools receive:

  • Every dollar raised to support their students and school library
  • Eligibility for a match of up to 50 books from the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation
  • 30% off books at Indigo, Chapters and Coles stores when using program donations