Nissan goes for the Extra Points at Superior

They will be going for the extra point for the Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute Football program through the Nissan Kickoff Project. In October, the school received motivational and financial support through the automaker’s football program, run in partnership with the Canadian Football League, to rejuvenate the Gryphon Football Program. The school has now been chosen to receive even further support.

“Following the initial presentation and pep rally in October, Nissan felt that the Kickoff Project could do even more to restart our football program,” says Michelle Probizanski, Principal of Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute. “We are extremely thankful to the Nissan Kickoff Project.”

On Monday, November 21, Nissan Kickoff Project representatives will attend a special event at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute where they will make a donation of training gear and equipment for the team. And the real “kicker” – a CFL alumni member will be running a skills training with current and potential football players from the Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute Family of Schools.