High School Aviation Program at Confederation College

Secondary School Students Take Flight at Confederation College

Confederation College and Lakehead Public Schools have partnered to offer the Aviation Specialist High Skills Major and Dual Credit program. Secondary school students started the program at the College’s School of Aviation in early February and will continue through to the end of their semester in June.

Through this program, students have the unique opportunity to explore the inner workings of the aviation and aerospace industry while earning four high school credits and one college credit. They study aerodynamics, aircraft components, aircraft hardware and materials, inspection procedures and methods, ground marshaling and handling of aircraft, aircraft engines and other flight related subjects. The students also participate in a cooperative education component that incorporates practical experience within the aviation sector at the airport.

“This partnership allows high school students to get a feel for what it’s like to learn in a college environment,” said Paul de Oude, Chair of the School of Aviation at Confederation College. “They earn a college credit at no cost to them, earn credits towards their high school diploma, gain hands-on experience and develop new skills. It’s a program that offers great value to all involved and is just one of many ways we partner with the Lakehead District School Board.”

Paul Tsekouras, Student Success Leader with the Lakehead District School Board added “We are excited about the increased exposure into the aviation sector that our partnership with the School of Aviation at Confederation College will provide for our students. Our Aviation Specialist High Skills Major and Dual Credit program is one of a select few programs available to high school students in Ontario and the School of Aviation, Aviation Centre of Excellence is considered to be one of the top Aviation schools in Canada. It’s a partnership that just makes sense”.

The college credit is delivered by a Confederation College instructor who works directly with staff at the Lakehead Public School Board to complement and extend the students’ learning throughout the program.

“It really is an amazing opportunity should students wish to continue their studies further into this field after they graduate high school,” said Tsekouras.

De Oude added “We hope it inspires the students to pursue post-secondary education and careers in aviation.”