Sharing Traditional Games with Younger Students

Kingsway Park Public School Learning Academy Students have spent the Fall learning about various traditional Indigenous games, how they are played and the reasons why they were played. During Treaties Recognition Week, the Learning Academy students are taking what they learned and they are now sharing that with the younger Kingsway students.

“A key part of our Academy is to plan, organize and reflect on our knowledge and work as a team to share it back to others,” says Ryan Roy, Grade 7/8 Teacher at Kingsway Park Public School “The students have planned every detail of this event including the information for the media release.”

On Wednesday, November 8, the Academy students will be running a traditional games play day with 8 stations highlighting various traditional Indigenous games from lacrosse to various hand games. The Academy Grade 8 students will be running the stations and the Grade 7 students will be the Group Leaders.

During their learning of the traditional games, the students made visits to the Fort William Historical Park and received instruction from Thunder Bay Lacrosse.