An image of a solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse – Monday, April 8, 2024

On Monday, April 8, 2024, a solar eclipse will occur with an expected peak at 3:10 p.m. in Thunder Bay, Ontario. As the peak time aligns with many of our school dismissals, we have made the decision to dismiss students around noon with safety in mind. Parents and guardians should make arrangements for transportation and childcare if required. We want to stress the importance of safety during a solar eclipse. Do not look directly into the sun and please remind your children to never stare directly at the sun, as it can cause severe eye damage or blindness, especially during a solar eclipse. The Canadian Association of Optometrists has issued guidelines for safe viewing of the eclipse. Parents and guardians are invited to access their website to better understand the risks that influenced the decision for an early dismissal.

Thank you to our school communities for your understanding and support in keeping our students safe during this very unique event.

Please see the below schedule for your child’s dismissal time for April 8, 2024.

SchoolNormal Bell DismissalApril 8th Bell DismissalChange in Bus Drop-Off Time
Algonquin Avenue3:1512:352 Hrs 40 min earlier
C. D. Howe3:2012:402 Hrs 40 min earlier
Claude E. Garton2:4512:002 Hrs 45 min earlier
Crestview2:3512:002 Hrs 35 min earlier
Ecole Elsie MacGill2:3512:002 Hrs 35 min earlier
Five Mile2:4012:002 Hrs 40 min earlier
Gorham & Ware2:3012:002 Hrs 30 min earlier
Ecole Gron Morgan2:4012:002 Hrs 40 min earlier
Hammarskjold3:3512:502 Hrs 45 min earlier
Kakabeka 2:4012:002 Hrs 40 min earlier
Kingsway Park3:2012:402 Hrs 40 min earlier
McKellar Park3:1012:302 Hrs 40 min earlier
McKenzie2:5512:202 Hrs 35 min earlier
Nor’wester View2:4012:002 Hrs 40 min earlier
Ogden Community2:4012:002 Hrs 40 min earlier
Sherbrooke3:2012:402 Hrs 40 min earlier
St. James2:4012:002 Hrs 40 min earlier
Superior CVI3:3012:502 Hrs 40 min earlier
Valley Central2:4512:002 Hrs 45 min earlier
Vance Chapman3:2012:402 Hrs 40 min earlier
Westgate CVI3:3012:502 Hrs 40 min earlier
Westmount3:2012:402 Hrs 40 min earlier
Whitefish Valley2:3512:002 Hrs 35 min earlier
Woodcrest3:2012:402 Hrs 40 min earlier
*Regular School Buses Only – Special Education/Special Needs Buses, Taxis and Vans may differ:
Schools and families for students on specialized transportation will be contacted directly.