Students Standing Up for Animals

The students in the Ecole Gron Morgan Public School Grade 2 French Immersion Class are taking a stand for animals in Thunder Bay and around the world. Following a study about animals, the students felt strongly that they could help make a difference for animals.

“During a lesson on climate change, the students became very emotional when they learned how many animals are endangered due to the negative impacts of natural climate change, as well as the impact of human activity on them and their habitat,” says Mme Rhea Lofstrom, Ecole Gron Morgan Public School “They felt that they could do something to help the endangered animals and animals in our community.”

The students held two fundraisers at the school and raised a total of $510! With funds raised, the students were able to adopt six critically endangered animals from the World Wildlife Organization, as well as donate to the Paws for Love Dog Rescue Center here in Thunder Bay.

“The boys and girls were thrilled that they could help local animals, as well as a few animals from other parts of the world,” says Mme Lofstrom.

On Tuesday, March 28th, representatives from Paws for Love Dog Rescue visited Mme Lofstrom’s class and accepted their donation. The students were also able to meet some of the puppies and dogs that this rescue center has saved.