Taking Flight with Kakabeka Falls Students

To add an experiential learning component to what they are learning in class, the Grade 6/7 class from Kakabeka Falls District Public School will be taking off to the Confederation College Aviation Centre of Excellence on Monday, November 30.

“In class, we have been studying flight and learning about the various forces that affect flying objects as well as the new technology that has enhanced aviation,” says Derek Kochan, Grade 6/7 Teacher at Kakabeka Falls District Public School. “This visit will greatly assist in putting the lessons learned in the classroom into perspective.”

While visiting the ACE Centre, the students will be tour the facility and gain valuable knowledge about maintenance, manufacturing, flight management and possible career paths associated with aviation that the College offers. The Kakabeka Falls students will also visit the Lakehead Public Schools Aviation Program that is housed at the College ACE Centre. Aviation Technology is a one semester program in which Grade 11 or 12 students can earn four or five college preparation level credits. The program is offered each semester to 18 students from all high schools.