Westmount Climbing

Top of the World!

Following an inspirational presentation by a local triathlete, Kingsway Park Public School Learning Academy students are on top of the world! Well, at the top of the climbing wall at the Boulder Bear Climbing Gym at least! The students will be competing in a Mini Rock Climbing Competition at the gym on Wednesday, November 21.

“Our students had the rare opportunity to be inspired by a local triathlete who spoke to our students about what it takes to compete in high level competitions,” says Darren Lentz, Principal of Kingsway Park Public School. “Some students just need that little extra inspiration to conquer many challenges in life that sometimes seem a little higher than a climbing wall.”

Lisa Hupka visited the students on Tuesday, November 20 where she spoke about her recent competition in the XTERRA World Championship in Hawaii. The competition includes a 1.5 km swim, a 30 km mountain biking and an 11 km trail run. Ms. Hupka spoke to the students about what it takes to compete at this level.