Viking Garden Harvest

On Thursday October 25, Hammarskjold High School will be hosting a Harvest Lunch to celebrate and share harvest from gardens developed and tended by Hammarskjold students. The Foods, Special Needs, Pre-Workplace and Kickstart classes have worked together to prepare soups and salads for the school in the gardens that have been producing vegetables since 2013.

“In addition to the initial gardens that were constructed, our Construction Technology class has created a number of garden planters for use by our Special Needs classes,” says Heather Foster, Teacher at Hammarskjold High School. “The students have also added eight more raised vegetable beds, tool storage and a medicine garden with support from Roots to Harvest and The City of Thunder Bay.”

Science, Foods and Nutrition, Parenting and Special Needs classes along with student volunteers from the Four Directions/Aboriginal Achievement Room collaborate to plant and tend the gardens every year. Roots to Harvest supports Lakehead Public Schools students to take care of the gardens in the summer. In the Fall, and then Roots to Harvest and Lakehead Public Schools staff coordinate harvesting and processing of the vegetables by students in the fall.