Weather Related Closure Information

Reported DelaysDuring times where it is questionable if the buses will be running or if there could be delays, the Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay website ( provides current information on busing delays – click on “Reported Delays” on the left hand side of the page.

For information on localized road closures or local roads that will not be serviced due to flooding, icy or unplowed roads please contact your school bus operator:

  • Iron Range 345-7387
  • First Student 475-4500

If there is a weather related school closure or a bus cancellation, the following methods of communication will occur:

  • All media are notified
    Our partners in the local media provide immediate and excellent coverage of all weather related school closures and bus cancellations. The information is shared on news broadcasts and during ongoing conversations with the on air personalities. Most of the media outlets also post the information on their websites and social media accounts.
  • Websites updated
    Both the Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay website ( and the Lakehead Public Schools website ( are updated with closure or cancelation information.
  • Social Media
    The Lakehead Public Schools Facebook page ( is immediately updated with the same information available on our website.Tweets from the Lakehead Public Schools Twitter account, @LakeheadSchools, are sent with links back to the website information.
  • Hotline Updates
    The Inclement Weather Emergency Transportation Information line, 625-1661, is updated to reflect weather related closures and cancellations.

LPS Winter InformationThe “Connect with Us! Winter@LPS” document is an excellent resource for you to have on hand during the winter months. If your child has not brought one home (it happens!) print this version and post it at home for quick reference.