Weed Out Hate

Weeding Out Hate

While most people in Thunder Bay are not enjoying the task of weeding their gardens at this time of the year, students and staff at McKellar Park Central Public School and their onsite daycare, Little Lions, were “Weeding Out Hate” at a special event on Wednesday, June 3! The City of Thunder Bay has proclaimed Wednesday, June 3 as “Weed Out Hate Day” and as such, the school and daycare were joined by two very special guests who helped them “Weed out Hate”.

To mark “Weed Out Hate Day”, City of Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs and Fort William First Nation Counselor , Georgann Morisseau planted sunflowers in one of the school gardens. The planting of the sunflowers symbolized the “sowing the seeds of peace.”

Following the planting event, parents of McKellar Park Central School joined their children and the school staff for a school family picnic to celebrate the school year.