Making Sandwiches

Westmount Academy Students Supporting the Community

Westmount Public School Global Citizenship Academy will be building community as they learn about the charitable organizations supported by the Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA). And at the same time, they will be building 200 sandwiches for one of the organizations supported by the RFDA!

“The students will be continuing their learning that began with a school visit from RFDA staff,” says Lisa Dampier, Westmount Public School Global Citizen Academy Teacher. “During that visit the students learned how organizations such as Grace Place and the Salvation Army are connected to the RFDA and how numerous partnerships are in place to address issues like poverty and food security in our community.”

The Westmount Public School Learning Academy is focused on Sports and Recreation, Fine Arts and Global Citizenship. The Academy provides Grade 7 and 8 students with the opportunity to learn in an experiential and rigorous environment while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Curriculum. The Learning Academy provides opportunities for students to participate in inquiry and/or project activities that encourage students to learn through active experience, reflect on the experience and apply their learning to various aspects of their lives.