Woodcrest Students Floating a Successful Video!

Two Grade 8 students from Woodcrest Public School received some good news from Skills Ontario! Matthew Hill and Maximilian Tuchenhagen earned first place in the video portion of the Skills Ontario Cardboard Boat Race competition. Every year, Skills Ontario hosts a Cardboard Boat Race competition to allow students from both secondary and elementary levels to learn about the Trades. The video challenge required teams of two students to record their school’s progress from the beginning construction phase to the races in the pool.

“The entire Woodcrest Public School community is incredibly proud of Matthew and Maximilian for being recognized as the province’s best videographers for the Skills Ontario Cardboard Boat Race competition,” says Mel Gray, Woodcrest Public School Teacher. “We are excited to see what they are able to do with their abilities in the years to come!”

Skills Ontario has hosted the Cardboard Boat Races across Ontario for over 20 years, and have encouraged student’s abilities to design, create and deliver a floating structure that will outperform all their competitors in terms of various speed and weight challenges. On competition day, students are in their teams of four and are given the necessary materials that they need to build their boat, and two hours to execute their plans. Through this competition students are forced to problem-solve, work as a team, and implement design skills that are critical to create a boat from two sheets of 4′ by 8′ corrugated cardboard and duct tape.

The other component of this competition is the Video Challenge. In teams of two, students record their school team’s progress from the beginning construction phase to the races in the pool. The students are tasked with finding a way to creatively document the steps to capture all of the learning, knowledge and action of the challenge. Afterwards, the student videographers edit and produce the captured moments to create a promotional video about the challenge. Once the videos are submitted, each production is judged and analyzed by a group of judges who select a winner based on a scoring breakdown.

Matthew and Maximilian’s video can be viewed here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkxPBG21Vu4