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An Out of this World Experience

On Tuesday, June 25, two CD Howe Public School science classes will have the unique experience of having an online video meeting with Tim Haltigin, the Senior Missions Specialist for the Canadian Space Agency. The students have been in contact with Mr. Haltigin throughout the school year.

“The students have written Tim letters and he was so inspired by their questions and insights that he graciously agreed to video conference with them, despite being busy with such things as the RadarSat launch last week, and Astronaut David Ste-Jacques departing the International Space Station on Monday, June 24,” says Rebecca Cross, Teacher at CD Howe Public School.

Tim Haltigin Biography
Tim Haltigin is a geomorphologist, in other words a scientist studying why landscapes look the way they do. Since the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft launched towards asteroid Bennu in September 2016, he has managed the Canadian laser instrument that will map the asteroid to help identify the best place for the spacecraft to collect a sample for return to Earth. Tim is the classic case of “follow your passion”. He first studied biochemistry, researching malaria at the Toronto General Hospital. He switched to geography and did his Master’s on Trout River habitat rehabilitation, hydraulics and fluid dynamics. After participating for fun with friends in a European Space Agency contest on how to find water on Mars, he was recruited by the professor supervising their contest team to do a Ph.D. on permafrost, comparing landscapes in the Canadian high Arctic with similar ones on Mars.
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