Westmount Students

And they Deliver too!

Westmount Public School Global Citizenship Academy will be bringing kindness, generosity and a hot lunch to the clients of Shelter House on Friday, March 22. The students have been working extremely hard this week at the Kingsway Park Public School Culinary Lab to learn how to make homemade lasagna and fresh bread for up to 200 people.
“Our Grade 7 and 8 students have the opportunity to learn in the Culinary Lab at Kingsway each year,” says Lisa Dampier, Westmount Public School Global Citizenship Academy Teacher. “The Westmount Global Citizenship students put their Academy focus on their opportunity by making things better for the people who access the services of Shelter House.”
With Culinary Teacher Todd Miller and Global Citizen Academy Teacher Lisa Dampier, the students planned this special meal to ensure that it fit the Global Citizenship Academy focus.
The Westmount Public School Academy provides Grade 7 and 8 students with the opportunity to learn in an experiential and rigorous environment while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Curriculum. The Lakehead Public Schools academies provide opportunities for students to participate in inquiry and/or project activities that encourage students to learn through active experience, reflect on the experience and apply their learning to various aspects of their lives.