Kakabeka students shop for rural cupboard.

Kakabeka Falls Students Respond to Challenge

The Grade 5/6 students from Kakabeka Falls District Public School are not ones to back down from a challenge. Especially if that challenge involves helping out the Rural Food Bank! The students accepted a challenge brought forward by a city school that has run a very successful fundraising effort for a number of years.

“We were challenged to raise funds for the Rural Food Bank and as proud Kakabeka Falls Coyotes, we never back down from a challenge,” says Derek Kochan. “The students initiated a number of fundraisers that have raised money to buy food for the Rural Food Bank. The real beneficiary will be the Rural Food Bank.”

On Wednesday, December 16 the students held a yard sale with slightly used donated items for sale. Further funds were raised through raffles and juice and bake sales. The proceeds funded a trip to Odena Foods on Thursday, December 18 to purchase food for the Rural Food Bank.