McKenzie Public School shines in Terry Fox School Run

This year, the Terry Fox Foundation celebrated its 40th Anniversary of Terry’s Marathon of Hope. The special Terry Fox School Run challenge sparked the interest of many schools, in particular our very own McKenzie Public School which jumped at the opportunity to make a difference and raise funds for cancer research.

The initiative was spearheaded by Mrs. Poling, the grade 1 teacher. The fundraising goal was $700 and the students’ reward if they reached the goal, other than feeling a wholesome sense of pride and achievement, would be to have a large bucket of water dumped on three brave teachers and one daring vice-principal. With the sense of competition in the air, the students couldn’t help but be enlivened and run toward the opportunity.

As the Terry Fox Foundation’s relation to Thunder Bay is so strong and unique, every class in McKenzie Public School was motivated to participated in this historical cause. The teachers played a central role in teaching the students about Terry Fox, perseverance, and courage.

On September 30th, every class from JK to grade 6 took turns walking and running outside in the school yard for 15-30 minutes. The school not only met its fundraising goal of $700 but surpassed it, donating $970 to the Terry Fox Foundation’s much-needed cancer research. Congratulations to the students, teachers and administration of McKenzie Public School!
The students reveled in watching Mrs. Poling (grade 1), Mrs. Armstrong (JK/SK), Mrs. Parker (grades 4-6), and Mrs. Gayoski-Luke (Vice-Principal) get a bucket of water dumped on each of them, all in the name of fun, encouragement, and history.