Academic Support for Hammarskjold Students

Hammarskjold High School staff have been posting materials, lessons and other activities online to support students who have missed class due to school closures.

Students can login to two online portals, Edsby and Classroom Websites, both of which are linked from our main page under the Students panel at

To login to either Classroom Websites or Edsby students use their standard username and password which is the same username and password they use to login at school. Our initial username and password format is below:

Username – The first 8 characters of the first name, followed by the first 8 characters of the last name, followed by two numbers for the month of birth, followed by two numbers for the day of birth (example – johnsmith1225 )
Password – the first initials of the first and last name, follow by a dash, followed by the last six numbers of the student number.
Can’t login? Call or email our help desk at 6255162 or

For More Information on Edsby and some of it’s features please visit