Special Education

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Grades 9 to 12 are an exciting time of change, exploration and individual development. Look for details on our core programs, as well as athletics, scholarships, alternative programs and system programs. Our goal is to provide quality education and a wide range of choices to help students explore and discover career and continuing education choices that will meet their goals.Lakehead Public Schools has four secondary schools. Visit the school websites to learn more.

Alternative Elementary Programs

Section 23 Programs
The Section 23 Program is an intensive, multi-disciplinary 5-month assessment for child and family. Students experiencing behavioural difficulties in the home and school receive individualized academic program for numeracy and literacy. The program is offered at C.D. Howe Public School.

Hearing Resource Unit
This program is for students that are deaf or hard of hearing and is offered at Woodcrest Public School.

Multi-Needs Program
This program is for developmentally delayed, multiple, physical, medically fragile students. Specialized programs based on life skills and functional academics are offered through this program at Algonquin Avenue Public School.

Special Needs Program
The Special Needs Program is for students with an intellectual exceptionality resulting in moderate, profound or severe delays in academic functioning. Students may have special physical, intellectual, communication and/or emotional needs. This program is offered at Ecole Gron Morgan Public School, Vance Chapman Public School and Westmount Public School.


Alternative Secondary Programs

Hearing Resource Unit
Designed to meet the needs of hearing impaired high school students who have moderate to profound hearing loss and are identified by IPRC. Daily use of amplification is an integral part of this program staffed by a specialist teacher of the deaf at Hammarskjold.

Pre-Work Placement (PWP)
Designed to enhance the student’s functional life skills and maximize intellectual and academic abilities. For students working toward an OSS certificate identified with significant delays in academic functioning. Students are integrated into several courses. Offered at Superior and Westgate.

Special Needs Program
For students age 14-21 identified with intellectual exceptionality with moderate to profound developmental delays in academic functioning and/or identified with a multi-disability. Students require a specialized program based on life skills and functional academics. Offered at Hammarskjold and Westgate.

Multi-Needs Program
The Multi-Needs Program at Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute offers a learning environment for students with severe to profound learning disabilities or other disorders or impairments, including a physical handicap (three or more exceptionalities).

Special Needs Resources

  • Special Needs Ontario Window (SNOW) is a website set up to cultivate the inclusive education community. It features programs and services and is a project of The Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto.
  • Centre of Excellence for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs
    The Centre of Excellence for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs is one of four Centres comprising the Centres of Excellence for Children’s Well-Being funded by Public Health Agency of Canada as part of the federal contribution to the National Children’s Agenda. The Centre’s mandate is to focus specifically on children and youth with special needs living in rural and remote communities. Established in 2000, the Centre is located at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  • IEP Engine (For the Lakehead District School Board) The IEP Engine is customized for each Board of Education. The core database of program focus areas, teaching and assessment methods, is adjusted to reflect local policies and programs. The extent of free-form input is tailored for each board, as are reports and log files. Each Board has its own on-line archive of completed IEPs, its own policies for who is allowed to access them, and its own security arrangements to access the IEP system. Each authorized user has a user name and password, either assigned by your Board’s site manager, chosen by the user initially when registered or updated by the user on subsequent visits.