Continuing to Keep Schools Safe

Lakehead Public Schools staff, other school boards and a number of community partners are benefiting from unique workshops facilitated by a leading safety expert. Kevin Cameron, the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response, has been providing Level 1 and Level 2 training for school staff and community members to assess potential risk and to determine the appropriate course of action.

“Lakehead Public Schools is pleased to welcome Kevin Cameron back to provide further critical training to our staff and community partners,” says Colleen Kappel, Superintendent of Education at Lakehead Public Schools. “Having the opportunity to work with our various community partners and with an expert like Kevin Cameron will have significant benefits for our students and staff.” Violent incidents throughout the world have increased the need for school staff and community partners to work collaboratively to increase their knowledge of risk assessment and the appropriate responses. Through his experiences responding to violent trauma, including the 1999 school shooting in Taber, Alberta, Kevin Cameron has developed a multidisciplinary process to determine if a threat maker actually poses a risk to self or others.

The Level 1 Violence Threat Risk Assessment workshop trains teams to become knowledgeable practitioners at collecting data that helps to paint a clear picture of how high risk an individual may be and what the appropriate intervention should be based on that data.

Level 2 training was also offered this week for staff and community partners who had previously received their Level 1 status. The session focused on the comprehensive process of data analysis and strategic interviewing. This training also includes the assessment of the level of commitment of a threat maker through language.

Kevin Cameron and attending staff will be present and available for interview.

Thursday, September 18
12 noon
Airlane Hotel and Conference Centre
Tiberio Room