In Harmony

In Harmony to Make Social Change

Over 120 student leaders from eight regional school boards gathered at the Victoria Inn on Thursday, April 2 for the Harmony Movement’s Social Changemakers Conference. The conference provided an opportunity for the Grade 7 to 12 students to think critically, discuss the complexity of social change and examine the impact that young people have as change makers, both locally and globally. The Social Changemakers Conference began on the evening of Wednesday, April 1 with a number of kick off activities and concluded at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 2.

“The conference is a wonderful opportunity for the participating students to work together and with members of Harmony Movement,” says Leslie Hynnes, Lakehead Public Schools Education Officer and organizing committee member. “At the end of the conference, we anticipate that the attending students will have the tools to create change in the issues that they are most passionate about.”

Through key a keynote address, icebreaker activities and various breakout sessions helped the participants address issues of discrimination and explored how to promote inclusion in their schools and communities. The session allowed the students to further develop their leadership, teamwork and thinking skills beyond what is usually explored in schools.

Harmony Movement provides interactive diversity and equity education programs that empower and inspire youth, educators and those in the social service sector to develop an equity lens, empathy, respect, and leadership skills as leaders for social change. Harmony Movement encourages critical thinking, courageous conversations and strategy building to address and take action against stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, racism and other forms of oppression. For more information, visit

Students that attended the Harmony Movement Social Changemakers Conference were from the following district school boards:

  • Keewatin Patricia District School Board
  • Lakehead Public Schools
  • The Northwestern Catholic District School Board
  • Rainy River District School Board