It’s Alive!!

From pen and paper to digital sculpting and finally on to 3-D printing, Grade 5/6 students from Gorham and Ware Community Public School will see their imaginations come alive! The students have been learning about writing stories based on a strong lead character (protagonists and antagonists) and on Thursday, November 1, they will travel to Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute to work with Grade 8 Kick Start Technology Design students to make 3-D models of characters of stories they are writing.

3D Printing 3D Printing

“For this project, the students have created a non-human imaginary character which they wrote about in a descriptive paragraph that includes the character’s physical features, personality traits, as well as motivation and goals,” says Jenny MacLeod, Grade 5/6 Teacher, Gorham and Ware Community Public School. “The students will be able to take the description of that lead character and create a digital, 3-D model of the character.”

The Gorham and Ware Grade 5/6 students, with the assistance of the Grade 8 Kick Start students, will be working in the Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute Technology room using the computer program Sculptris. The innovative virtual sculpting program will allow the students to feel like they are actually sculpting their character of clay.

“Good creative writing starts with the generation of ideas. I have noticed that students often struggle with writing short stories because they can’t think of anything to write about,” says MacLeod. “Writers often think of a good character as the starting point for a story’s development. I believe that the development of these characters will be the driving forces of some great short stories.”