In The News

Live from the Edge!

There could be a future Barry Third or Fiona Gardiner in our midst. And they can be found in the Grade 3-4 class at Edgewater Park Public School! The students are producing their own television news/weather show recorded in their classroom which will be shown to the rest of the school and then posted on the Edgewater Park Public School social media channels.

“The students have done a lot of work to make our classroom look like a real news desk right down to what they will be wearing during the broadcast,” says Kait Larsen, Grade 3-4 Teacher at Edgewater Park Public School. “In addition to working on the student’s drama, writing and oral language skills, the project meets a number of curriculum expectations with regard to media literacy and language.”

The students have researched, written and rehearsed their news reports for broadcast on Thursday, January 25. Stay tuned for all the Edgewater news that is fit for broadcast!