No Stone Left Alone

Westmount Public School began the tradition of cleaning the headstones and grave sites of veterans and service people as an act of remembrance in 2014. During that time, students worked at cleaning the headstones at Riverside Cemetery. Westmount Public Schools has now expanded their act of remembrance through the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation and Mountain View Cemetery.

“After our Academy students and staff attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Fort William Gardens, they will be transported to Mountain View Cemetery to clean the grave sites of veterans and service people,” says AJ Keene Principal of Westmount Public School. “Through this partnership, a number of additional elements have been added to further honour the sacrifices made by veterans and service people.”

In addition to cleaning the headstones and gravesites, the students will be participating in a special No Stone Left Alone ceremony that will conclude with the placement of poppies on close to 700 military headstones in Mountain View Cemetery. In accordance to the No Stone Left Alone Foundation guidelines, photos and video cannot be taken during the ceremony. Photos and video can be taken during the cleaning exercise and the poppy placement.

No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation

Through the No Stone Left Alone experience, culminating with the Ceremony of Remembrance, the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation and its partners are committed to implementing an authentic leadership experience of remembrance for students across Canada. The goal is to educate, act and engage youth in the importance of remembering and respecting our fallen military veterans and honouring our soldiers.

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