Outdoor learning at its best!

At McKenzie Public School, fresh air was combined with math, measuring and exercise to make an outdoor learning activity unforgettable. Thanks to the donation of tree stumps by families, the school now has an outdoor learning area in the field with tree stumps for seats.

Mrs. Biniaris and Mrs. Arthur led the project for the grade 2/3 class. The students used math, measurement and string to distance the logs appropriately, and used fractions, shovels and strength to dig the holes. First, the class developed a plan, measured it out and put the tree stumps in place. Then, they calculated a third of each tree stump to know how deep to dig the holes. Great learning for the kids and less digging for Mrs. Luke!

A big thank you goes out to McKenzie Public School for utilizing a sustainable natural resource, sneaking in math lessons, and using them to create an eco-friendly outdoor learning area that the students can enjoy year-round.