Lakehead Public Schools, together with Dilico Anishinabek Family Care and the Child Development Institute, are pleased to offer SNAP – Parent and Caregiver Support Sessions. This 4 session series will help parents and caregivers with children aged 6-11 learn tools and strategies to help problem solve, create reward systems and give effective directions. You can attend one session or choose to attend all sessions.


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May 11 – Intro to SNAP
An introduction to evidence-based step by step strategies for emotional regulation and positive
decision making. The SNAP model is based off of the CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) model
and developed by the Children’s Development Institute to help children understand their feelings,
thoughts and actions.

May 25 – Effective Directions
Parents and Caregivers will learn how to encourage prosocial behavior and increase the likelihood
of compliance when giving directions to their children.

June 8 – Praise and Positive Reinforcement
Strategies and overview of how to promote routine and consistency in the household.

June 22 – Problem Solving (PASTE)
A specific SNAP-based strategy use to help parents effectively problem-solve with their children.
SNAP’s PASTE strategy allows families to collaborate and work through difficulties together, while
building positive problem solving skills.