Student Tech Summit

Tech Week Celebrated

A partnership between Lakehead Public Schools and the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre has created a unique learning opportunity for Lakehead Public Schools students during the week of February 24. Tech Week is being held with local technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs visiting Grade 5 to 10 classrooms throughout the week.

“Over the years, the technology sector in Thunder Bay has become very diverse and vibrant. We are very excited to provide this opportunity for our students to learn directly from our local experts in technology,” says Gino Russo, Information Technology Resource Teacher, Lakehead Public Schools. “Tech Week is an excellent opportunity for students to learn and network with local industry leaders as they begin planning what they will be pursuing as a future career.”

Local technology leaders will be visiting classes during the week of February 24 to share their passion for technology, talk about their careers, and showcase the exciting things happening in our community to help raise awareness of Thunder Bay’s tech sector amongst students. Students will have the opportunity to network with local entrepreneurs and experts, while learning about different areas of technology, including; computer programing, science, GIS, manufacturing, 3D design, electronics, and more!

Schools have been booking the speakers online through the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre website. Speaker bios can be viewed here –

The local media are invited to the following Tech Week presentations:

Tuesday, February 25
Nor’wester View
1:00 p.m.
Presenter: Kiersten Moseley
With lots of visual examples, Kiersten will explain UX (User Experience Design) in simple terms followed by fun activities where students will select one of the “Personas” (avatars) provided and then spend create a “paper prototype.”

Wednesday, February 26
CD Howe Public School
1:40 p.m.
Presenter: Karla Bailey
Karla will get interactive with students as she demonstrates what happens when there’s a power outage. She will also discuss how electricity gets to your home and will provide students a real time demonstration of their GIS system.

Thursday, February 27
Ecole Gron Morgan Public School
8:30 a.m.
Speaker: Chris Von Bargen
Chris will explore 3D printing with the students and other advanced manufacturing tools that will have a big impact on our future. He will also show off some of his own 3D printed designs that will be a sure hit with students.