Cardboard Boat Battle

Grade 7 and 8 students from Westmount Public School, Woodcrest Public School, Sherbrooke Public School and Kingsway Public School will be splashing down at Churchill Pool to test float cardboard boats on Tuesday, November 19. The boats will be weight tested with the two most seaworthy designs moving on to the upcoming Skills Ontario Card Board Challenge.

“The students were able to combine many aspects of the curriculum into their boat designs including flow, aerodynamics, centre of gravity, fluids, problem solving, nets, 3D shapes, angles and measurement,” says Casey Charles, Westmount Public School Teacher.

The students had an open template to build and design their boats. As per Skills Ontario rules, the students can only use two 4×8 pieces of cardboard and 2 rolls of duct tape. Their models had to be completed in two hours.