Grade 8 Transision

Speed Transition Sessions

Westmount Public School Grade 8 students will be learning first hand from those “in the know” about what high school is all about on Thursday, November 28. Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute students and a Student Services staff member will be visiting the students to answer questions about the coming big leap to high school.

“The Grade 8 students will travel to different stations to speak to the Westgate students in a speed dating type of format on a variety of high school related topics,” says Michelle Furlotte, Elementary Student Success Lead, Lakehead Public Schools. “This is just one of many opportunities that we will be undertaking to help that transition between Grade 8 and Grade 9.”

Questions like “what is phys ed. like in high school?”, “What is offered at student services?”, “What is a typical math class like?” and “What clubs/sports are available in high school?” will be asked by the Westmount students. The session will also provide an opportunity for the Westmount students to meet the Student Services staff member, build relationships and provide assurances to the Westmount students as they prepare for secondary school in September 2020.