Woodcrest Public School Student Heading to Queen’s Park

Albany Sutherland, Grade 8 student at Woodcrest Public School and a member of Marten Falls First Nation, has been selected to serve as a Legislative Page at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Toronto. During her term of duty, Albany will serve as a messenger on the floor of the Legislative Chamber, meet key parliamentary figures and learn about Ontario’s parliamentary system of government. She begins her tenure on Monday, November 17.

“Albany is a wonderful student and school leader who will be an exceptional Legislative Page,” says Val Bodak, Principal of Woodcrest Public School. “She has worked extremely hard to become a Page and the Woodcrest school community is extremely proud of her.”

Legislative Pages earn their spot in the program by submitting an application that includes an essay outlining their achievements, involvements and suitability for the program. Prior to attending the Legislature to begin their tenure, each Page must study and learn the faces, names and locations of the 107 MPPs.

Each Page must arrive at Queen’s Park by 8:00 a.m. and dress in their uniforms and prepare for the morning debates. Throughout the day, the Pages are involved in a number of activities including delivering messages and water for MPPs in the Chamber, taking classes in legislative process and mathematics, meeting with key legislative players such as the party leaders and the Speaker of the House.

Albany Sutherland is a recognized leader in the community and at school who won the Academic Award for the Northwestern Ontario Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award and Recognition Awards in 2013. Outside of school, she excels in a number of activities including karate, piano and violin. At school, Albany is a member of numerous Woodcrest sports teams, school council, sign club, science fair club, gardening club and the Woodcrest Choir. Our community also benefits from a number of volunteer activities that Albany participates in including the Humane Society and visits to homes for the aged to play violin and piano.

“I think it is very important to learn about and participate in provincial government,” said Albany Sutherland in her Legislative Page application essay. “I am a leader and a positive role model and by being accepted into the Legislative Page Program, I will learn so much more to be able to contribute to my community.”

The Legislative Page Program is open to students in Grades 7 and 8 who have an interest in current affairs, have an average of 80% or higher and get along with their peers and adults. Legislative Page applications are accepted twice a year. For more information, about the Legislative Page at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, please visit http://educationportal.ontla.on.ca/en/page-program.