Hammarskjold Harvest Friday

It has been said that it takes an entire village to raise a child. At Hammarskjold High School, it takes an entire school and some very special community partners to raise two amazing gardens! On Friday September 19, Hammarskjold High School will be hosting the inaugural “Hammarskjold Harvest Friday” celebration. On this day, the school and a number of community partners will celebrate the end of the first season for the two new gardens developed by the students and community partners.

“Hammarskjold Harvest Friday will be a day where the students and staff can celebrate our amazing gardens,” says Heather Foster, Hammarskjold High School Teacher. “It really is incredible to see how many students, staff and community partners were involved to ensure the success of the gardens.”

In the Fall 2013, the Construction Technology classes (including Construction High Skills Major students) constructed a concrete pad for a seating area with planter in front of the building. The students also constructed a number of garden planters. Planters were installed in an interior courtyard for use by the Special Needs classes.

In cooperation with Roots to Harvest, the Environmental Science class (including Environment High Skills Major students) and Special Needs students designed and built new gardens in front of the school and in the courtyard.

Science classes and Special Needs students planted the gardens in the spring of 2014, and Garden Ambassadors, summer students hired by Lakehead Public Schools and coordinated through Roots to Harvest, provided valuable support through the summer, tending and watering the vegetables and flowers – including kale, Swiss chard, nasturtiums, onions, beets and sunflowers.

The Foods classes and Special Needs classes, with the help of the Livesmart and Garden clubs, are preparing borscht and vegetable soups to share with the student body on their first ever “Hammarskjold Harvest Friday”.

Hammarskjold High School students, staff and community partners will be present and available for comment.

Friday, September 19
12:00 noon to 12:30 p.m.
Hammarskjold High School