Office 365 & Minecraft

Lakehead Public Schools is pleased to offer your family access to a free Office 365 account and five (5) free Microsoft Office Suites with Minecraft available for your personal laptops, desktops, tablets (including iPads) and smart phones!

Minecraft Education Edition is an open world game that promotes creativity, problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. Students from Lakehead Public Schools have exclusive access to install Minecraft Education Edition on their school and personal computers through a partnership with Microsoft Canada.

Minecraft has a wide array of uses in the classroom, examples include:

  • Mathematics – Using Minecraft to collaboratively build structures using counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and estimation skills.
  • Science – Using the Chemistry Resource Pack students can discover the building blocks of matter, combine elements into useful compounds and Minecraft items, and conduct amazing experiments with new lessons and a downloadable world.
  • Language – Minecraft and other videos games have been used successfully to boost student writing skills. Through activities like pre-game planning, post game reflections, student written strategy guides and walkthroughs as well as character biographies, Minecraft provides a host of options for students to be excited about writing.
  • 21st Century Skills – Minecraft Education Edition helps prepare students for the future workplace, building skills like collaboration, communication, critical thinking and systems thinking. The open learning environment gives students the freedom to experiment, encouraging creative self-expression and problem solving.

** Use your school username and password. For the username you will need to add “” to the end.

To install Minecraft:

  • Go to
  • Click “Get started in the top left hand corner”
  • Use your Lakehead Public Schools username and password (available from your teacher) to download and install Minecraft.

Proudly working together with families to support 21st century learning!

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