Helping Hands for Sherbrooke

Helping Hands-Cobourg, an organization based in Cobourg, Ontario that supports numerous organizations throughout the province, has reached out to help the students of Sherbooke Public School. The caring organization will be sending eight skids worth of items for the school, just in time for the Holidays.

“We are so fortunate to have an organization like Helping Hands-Cobourg who have identified our students as the beneficiaries of their kindness and compassion,” says Melissa Gray, Occasional Teacher at Sherbrooke Public School. “The Helping Hands-Cobourg people have spent countless hours collecting, sorting, cleaning, packing and repacking items for children they have never met and will probably never meet. Our entire school community is truly appreciative.”

The items collected by Helping Hands-Cobourg for the students and their families include hygiene products, clothing, winter outerwear and food. Delivery of the items for the students and their families has been graciously donated by Cassidy’s Transfer and Storage who will make the 16 hour journey to Thunder Bay.

“We are all blown away by this selfless act by Helping Hands-Cobourg and Cassidy’s Transfer and Storage,” says Gray. “I do not think that we could possibly find the words to thank them to do justice to how we are feeling about this incredible donation.”