Peer Mediators Cheer on Student Athletes

Peer mediators from Westgate CVI were on site at the SSSAA track and field meet on May 26th at the Legion Track to lead events and cheer on student athletes from the Special Needs program. The students ran the 50m and 100m races and competed in the football throw, shot put, and standing long jump. Well done!

Congratulations to all the student athletes and thank you to the 13 Westgate peer mediators and members of Special Olympics for your support!

Peer mediators are students at Westgate CVI who have chosen to be part of a group that encourages integration, empathy, and peaceful conflict resolution. Westgate CVI currently has 35 active student peer mediators who are trained in effective communication and listening skills and provide support to struggling students by steering them to an adult when needed. Peer mediators promote wellness and acceptance at Westgate CVI. To become a peer mediator, Westgate CVI students can visit the main office to request information.